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“Virus Shut Out” – Are you wearing these necklaces to prevent the COVID 19? It’s a scam, strictly beware of it.

“Virus Shut Out” – Are you wearing these necklaces to prevent the COVID 19? It’s a scam, strictly beware of it.

By Animesh Sasmal Friday September 4, 2020


Virus Shut Out Card (necklaces) – it will reduce the 90% risk of being infected”.

– Claimed by the manufacturing company “Toamit“.

COVID 19 pandemic started in the month of December 2019, since then every medical organization like WHO, Oxford, AstraZeneca are trying to find a way to defeat the virus. Some of them are in their final stages of testing their vaccine.

Some days back Russia claims that they had officially and successfully registered a COVID-19 vaccine. They are now planning to start large-level mass deliveries of its experimental vaccine in the coming weeks.

Virus Shut Out Company and their claims:

Since all these medical trials of making anti-viral for COVID 19 by the different medical organizations, a new company from Japan started selling a necklace called “Virus Shut Out“.

The Japanise company name is TOAMIT. They claimed the “Virus Shut Out” product can reduce the infection rate by up to 90%. They also said, “By continuously sending out the lowest concentration of chlorine dioxide harmless to human body, widely neutralizing and decomposing viruses and bacteria in the air, making it lose its transmissibility, it has a certain principle of action, Japan has a special press release on this“.

Why it’s a false claim:

But, all these claims are false according to medical experts and chemical engineers. If you know about the chemical compound “Chlorine dioxide“, you will understand why they claim it as false.

Chlorine dioxide chemically known as ClO2, commonly used as a bleaching agent. It has a bad effect on human health. It is available as yellowish-green gas above 11 °C and reddish-brown liquid between −59 °C and 11 °C.

So, you can clearly understand that if the company gives you Chlorine dioxide on that card or necklace. It’s obvious, on the room temperature (that is surely above 11 °C), the Virus Shut Out necklace contains only the harmful yellowish-green Chlorine dioxide gas.

Medical experts already established that the coronavirus or COVID 19 primarily spreads through close contact, via tiny droplets spread when people talk, cough, and sneeze. These micro-droplets can also be airborne and travel distances over six feet. Prevention of spreading coronavirus requires wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing, and disinfecting surfaces regularly.

Are you using Virus Shut Out necklace to fight against coronavirus? You are totally in the wrong way.

You should not follow such a foolish and medically unapproved way to prevention of COVID 19. Always concern with medical officials before choosing these types of newly available prevention methods.

In March, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) banned the sale of the “Virus Shut Out” product. Countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines have also banned this product for the same reason. In June, the EPA ordered Amazon and eBay to stop selling it.

In the open market of India, these types of cards are widely available at just ₹ 50 and also it is available on online marketplaces like Amazon.in and Flipkart.com starting from ₹ 99.

The Indian government hasn’t banned it yet, though medical experts are saying to avoid those kinds of fake products.

The manufacturing company TOAMIT, haven’t claimed that its product 100% works on the coronavirus. But the fact is, in this pandemic situation people are believing these types of products easily because of their highly and easily marketable brand name, like in this case “Virus Shut Out“.

Please be aware of these fake products….


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