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How to clean your apartment: 10 simple tips

How to clean your apartment: 10 simple tips

By Mir Nobab Friday March 17, 2023



1. Deal with the mess first

The most important thing that stops many people from tackling an important apartment cleaning project is that they don’t know where to start. So let’s make this easy for you – declutter first. You want to start with things that have a place somewhere in the apartment but have formed piles on the floors and countertops throughout the apartment.

If you clean up the apartment mess first and put your things where they belong, you’ll instantly feel more comfortable in your apartment and feel as though you’ve already taken a huge step to clean and tidy bliss. Decluttering your apartment first also makes it easier to deep clean and vacuum later, as you won’t have clutter and other items getting in your way.

2. Clean up the dishes and put them away

Once you’ve got everything else out of the way, it’s time to move on to your kitchen. Those dishes that were piling up in the sink and growing who knows what on top of the food stains? It’s time to clean up. Empty the dishwasher, put all the dishes away, and leave the sink and countertop clean. When you come back later to clean your kitchen and splash counter, you won’t have a bunch of plates and bowls getting in your way.

It’s tempting to leave big projects like your dishes last. But you’ll feel a lot better if you deal with it early on and get it out of the way before you move on to the next one.

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3. Clear out the trash

It’s time to grab the trash bag. Clear the house and empty all trash cans while picking up any loose rubbish that may have ended up on the floor. Even if some of your boxes aren’t filled to the top, it would be nice to have a clean slate throughout your apartment.

Remember to leave the trash bag somewhere in your apartment where it is accessible. While cleaning, you’ll collect paper towels and other trash that could have gone straight into the bag before tying it up and putting it outside.

4. Collect the laundry

This step is the last part of the germ disposal phase before moving on to the actual spray and wipe phase of germ control. Nobody likes to do laundry, but you can do it too while you’re in deep cleaning mode.

Gather up all the laundry in your apartment, including the shirt you’ve worn four times that you insist doesn’t have any stains, and throw in a load. This is a great step to start in the middle of the cleaning process, as you can move on to other procedures while the loads are in the washer or dryer. Here are some more tips for washing your clothes.

5. Embrace an all-purpose cleaner

Are you ready to get serious? Because it’s time to move on to the second stage. We have de-cluttered every inch of the house, cleaned up the trash, laundry, and cleaned the dishes perfectly. Now it’s time to introduce you to a cleaner’s best friend.

All purpose cleaner. It’s beautiful. There are several brands available and even some all-natural (or DIY) options, but what you want is, in essence, a spray cleaner that isn’t specific to any one room. You want something that you can use in bathrooms, on baseboards, on countertops, on top of your stove, and literally, anywhere else you want to sweep up. Cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner will save you time and money from swapping out multiple types of cleaners.

6. Clean the kitchen and bathrooms first

We recommend starting in your bathroom(s). why? It’s the least fun part of the apartment to clean, and he’ll feel good doing it. With this approach in mind, we also recommend starting with the least pleasant part of the bathroom — the toilet. Clean the toilet first, then move to the floor, then the shower/bathroom, and finally hit the countertop and mirrors.

This is generally a good cleaning strategy—start with the least enjoyable parts of the task, and then move on to the most stress-free. You’ll feel like you’re de-stressing as you go.

After the bathroom, head to the kitchen. Wipe down countertops, clean the sink, and scrub off any stuck-on particles from your latest culinary adventure.

7. It gets dusty

Next, it’s time to do some dusting. You can use an actual feather duster, paper towels, or our personal favorite from childhood – putting a sock on your hand. Don’t forget to knock down doors, tops of baseboards, cupboards, and between curtains. You don’t necessarily need to use a dusting spray for this part. A good wipe with the cloth of your choice will usually do the trick. Even though it’s been months since the last cleanup, a little extra firepower may be needed.

8. Use of Vacuum cleaner

You dust before you vacuum because a lot of that mopped dust ends up on the floor. That’s when the vacuum cleaner comes in. Your vacuum cleaner can be your best friend, especially if it has certain attachments such as the end of a brush. This extension can help you collect dust, get into tight spaces, and clean those little nooks and crannies around your apartment. Don’t forget to make sure the vacuum cleaner bag is empty. If it’s full, you’ll only be moving dust and other stuff around — not sweeping it.


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