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About Us

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Hey Hi, how are you?

I have found that you are really curious about us.

Do you really want to know our story?

Okay, let’s start from the beginning of our story.

We are a team of two people, both of us are book-lovers, we love to read. Actually, we are curious to read the story of every innovative writer out there. In our college life, we meet lots of people. Some of them have great writing skills, they create lots of stories by themselves but they never publish it as a book. We ask one of them what’s the problem why don’t you publish your creative stories? He replied “Who will print our book… You? There are no publishers are ready to print a newcomer’s story.” From his angry reaction we find out the problem of a new writer who wants to publish his or her creation but they didn’t get any chance. As we love to read, we don’t want their writings to be left on their diary’s page. we have decided to solve this problem, we want to bring their writings to the public and give them an opportunity to earn from it.

At first, we thought we will open a publishing house that will help new writers. But soon we realize it will only help a limited no of writers, we can’t able to help everyone. One evening when I’m scrolling my Facebook posts, I realize this is 2019, everything is going online, from local vegetable shop to big giants everyone doing business digitally, even movies are also releasing on the web platforms. So why don’t we create a web platform where any writers can post their stories, their articles, their poems, and with the growing readers we will give them some remuneration. This is the main point when we thought about our platform.

But the next big thing is what should be the ideal name for our website! After more than one month of searching finally, we decided a name that is “Read My Pen”. We thought pen is the best friend of a writer, without the pen a writer can never express their feelings. So, by this name a new writer wants to invite everyone to read their stories that revealed with their pen.

This is our story we help writers who want to publish their articles and make it available for every internet people.

If you want to know how it works, please follow me…

Step 1: Open a free account on our web platform.

Step 2: Start writing, add some graphics if you want.

Step 3: Send your writing for review and we will publish it.

It’s easy, right?

Oh! By the way, you can check live readers count and once an article gets enough number readers, the writer will get paid.