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Top 25 IVR (Interactive voice response) /Toll-free Number providers of India

Top 25 IVR (Interactive voice response) /Toll-free Number providers of India

By Puja Ghosh Monday April 18, 2022


Toll-free numbers service are commonly utilised in almost every industry vertical, particularly in the customer-service area. Callers can use this service to contact these top 25 IVR companies or other individuals for free or at a low cost. It’s an excellent technique to interact with your clients.

Hiring workers only to take phone calls all day, whether for a large or small business, becomes a bit of a hardship for any organisation. Handling commercial inquiries can be a time-consuming task for a company. However, hiring workers to divert calls to various departments or answer a basic query will not be cost effective.

Businesses are turning to Interactive Voice Response – IVR service providers to make the process go more smoothly. Choosing the best IVR provider for your organisation can be complex and time-consuming, despite the fact that India has a big number of them.

What is IVR?

IVR (interactive voice response) is a feature of an automation phone system that communicates with callers and collects information by presenting them with a menu of options. It then takes behavior based on the caller’s responses via the cellphone keypad or voice response.

The IVR number is determined by the caller’s choices: it can communicate info or, if the problem is more complex, it can direct users to a human operator who can better manage their needs.

Why do companies need IVR?

IVR company plays a significant part in enhancing the company’s brand image. In a short message, the IVR’s automated voice expresses the substance of the company’s method of dealing with customers. And a brand is created in such a way that all of the customers’ needs are met.

For startups and small enterprises, IVR is a good way to provide customers with a broader view of the company. An IVR system allows the caller to quickly connect to various departments like as sales, service, and so on. Only a firm that wants to expand can try to improve its customer experience and treat consumers well at every touch point.

So, to assist you with your business calls, here is a list of the Top 25 IVR Providers in India!

This is the post for you if you’re a company attempting to find out where the IVR provider to use. We conducted research on some Top 25 Toll-Free Providers in India which are leading IVR providers and compiled a list that makes your decision much easier.

1. Exotel

Exotel is the foundation that allows you to easily communicate with your consumers via phone and SMS. More than 1300 enterprises of all sizes rely on a cloud telephony platform.

2. Fonebell

Fonebell provides a full range of networks and devices to help you achieve client requirements while still sounding professional. Their dependable on-premise communication solutions facilitate smooth communication among employees, resulting in increased production.

3. Ameyo

Drishti-Soft Solutions’ Ameyo is an all-in-one software-based connectivity solution that handles client journeys from beginning to end.

4. Microtel

Microtel allows people to communicate with one another, businesses to expand into new areas, and everyone to attain their full potential. Users offer Voice SMS, Wholesale Text SMS, and IVR System utilities for everyone in India, as well as much more for companies.

5. Ozonetel

Believe in leveraging effective cloud telephony solutions to build brands. Ozonetel also feels that communication does not have to be as difficult as it is now.

6. IVR Guru

IVR Guru gives you complete control over your clients and workers. IVR Guru can help you grow your business at a faster rate and with less effort.


Phonon was the first and only company to offer Instant Call-Connect solutions, such as Click-to-Call. Phonon has created platform-independent enterprise-ready customer connection solutions.

8. Pulse

In 2003, Pulse entered the Indian marketplace as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and an Internet Telephony Service provider. The data graph has shown a considerable increase in creating a client base and carrier-interconnections using an end-to-end VOIP Business Solutions since its beginning.

9. Genesys

Genesys manages 25 million client service engagements every year for over 4,700 clients in 120 countries, in both internet and on-premises.

10. C-Zentrix

Enterprises who want to automate its responses to customers and make it a personalised experience employ C-Zentrix IVR.

11. PEC

With a product line spanning from small – sized voice mail solutions to high-end dial out and call testing applications, PEC is sure to have something to meet your voice over internet protocol needs.

12. 3M Digital

3m Digital, a global communication and digital platform, provides online voice and data. They give businesses the ability to contact and engage their customers with a complete end-to-end service platform that allows them to execute marketing.

13. Alliance Infotech

Alliance has proved experience in entire software product development over the years. Enterprise-grade computerized telephony elements and e-business software platforms are areas of knowledge for professionals.

14. Aria

ARIA delivers the software and technology needed to transform existing PCs into effective Voice Logger and Interactive Voice Response systems.

15. ITG

Multi-channel contact center systems, interactive voice response systems, VoIP gateways, and Tele PCX are among the Computer Telephony Integration services sold by ITG India.

16. Cube Software

Cube Software Private Limited, which was founded in 1991, provides CTI products such as Contact Center Solution/Quick Dialer, Voice Logger, IVRS, and Voice Mail.

17. San Softwares

SAN Softwares’ communication platform enables you to optimize your selling process, run marketing strategies, and wow your consumers with seamless assistance.

18. HexoLabs

Hexolabs is a provider of goods, hosted-on-demand services, and virtual assistant services (VAS) to Wireless Carriers, Businesses, and Media Organizations via mobile, mobile internet, and web platforms.

19. Cisco

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a multinational technology firm based in San Jose, California that designs, manufactures, and distributes networking equipment all over the world.

20. Knowlarity

Knowlarity offers a hosted product suite that makes business communications more dependable and intelligent.

21. Myoperator

MyOperator is a cloud-based customer support system that offers IVR, virtual numbers, toll-free numbers, and cloud EPABX, among other features.

22. Solutions Infini

Solutions Infini, widely regarded as Asia’s fastest growing messaging provider, offers a variety of services including Enterprise Messaging, SMS Gateway, SMS solutions, and Voice-based solutions.

23. Asterisk 

Digium sponsors Asterisk, a free open-source platform for developing telecommunication applications.

24. WebXion

WebXion provides cloud-based IVR services at the most competitive prices, with the assurance that all calls are logged in real time in their web-based call log panel.

25. Ziffy

Ziffy specialises in Calls that go unanswered, toll-free 1800 lines, and a virtual receptionist Toll-free service allows prospective customers and others to contact businesses for “free” and in a convenient manner.


You can redirect your IVR system for the call center, through the number to any other phone number. As a result, you can make the call from a different country using your personal smartphone. For a better customer experience, enable this option to greet your visitors with a message.


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