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How to Impress an Interviewer

How to Impress an Interviewer

By Animesh Sasmal Friday June 3, 2022


The landscape for job seekers today is more treacherous then at any other time in recent memory. In other words, if you want a job today, the hard works starts when you prepare for the interview.

The job interview is a chance for your personality to shine through among the crowd. In other words, a job interview is a great opportunity to sell yourself. Job interviews are brief, usually 20 to 30 minutes and you need to make the most of that time.

There are verities of way to impress your interviewer, from your initial introduction to exiting the place. A combination of solid preparation, self-confidence and common courtesy can set you apart from other candidates. There are few steps to make a solid impression. You can follow those steps.

Preparing for the interview :

First impression is the last impression so make sure that your preparation is good for that interview. First impressions are usually formed within 30 seconds. The first thing an employer will notice is your physical appearance. Research the company’s dress code going into the interview. If you know anyone from that company, ask them what’s appropriate or you can also call the company’s human resource department and ask what is recommended in terms of attire. If you’re interviewing for managerial or executive position you should wear a suit. If the attire is business casual or if you’re applying for a lower ranking position, a nice blouse with dress or a skirt is good choice for women & for men, you can wear formal shirt & a formal pant with a tie & don’t forget to wear a nice watch & clean footwear. Avoid perfumes & other fragrances & don’t wear extra make-up, just a natural look can make a better impact.

 Never go into an interview without prior knowledge of the company. Just make a research on that company to know what skills the company values. To know about that company you can go through the company’s website & look at the company’s career page. Pay close attention to the desire qualification listed on their job postings. Make sure your social media presence is clean before going into interview.

Make the most of the initial introduction :

While arriving late to an interview is a major problem, many people don’t realize arriving exactly on time may also reflect poorly on you. Arriving early reflects initiative, drive and good time management skills.

Body language speaks louder than the words. So, it is important to show your confidence via your body language. Be always friendly to everyone you meet on that moment. Treat any secretaries or other employees with curtesy as you navigate your way through a place of business. Always make a smile on your face when you meet someone for the first time & make good eye contact because it shows your confidence.

A confident & good handshake is vital. This is your first opportunity to impress an interviewer. This handshake could be neither too limp nor too hard. From the moment you enter the room, use body language that conveys confidence and respect. When you enter the interview room, first ask for the permission to enter. Then sit up straight in a manner that displays your neck, chest & stomach.

Always remember to take some extra copies of your resume & avoid bad habits like biting nails, touching hairs, dancing lags or playing with cell phone that shows your nervousness.


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