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Have a great business plan? Do you know how to register for ‘Shark Tank India’ – the most popular TV show for startup businesses

Have a great business plan? Do you know how to register for ‘Shark Tank India’ – the most popular TV show for startup businesses

By Puja Ghosh Saturday January 29, 2022


“How to register for Shark Tank India” is the most asked question after Shark Tank India TV show gets popularity among young business entrepreneurs.

Source: Opindia

Shark Tank India is one of the most famous and madly fascinating unscripted TV dramas today on Indian TV. Definitely, singing and dance TV shows are good, but jo thrill Shark Tank ke business pitches ko dekh kar aata hai, it’s unparalleled.

From Ashneer Grover’s angry reaction when somebody says “brand”, to Aman Gupta’s FOMO when Ashneer makes a deal, and Namita Thapar’s “non-expertise” fields, it has everything to entertain you.

Source: GQ India

So do you also have a business thought that can get you a pitch an amazing open door on Shark Tank India? Could it be said that you are the following huge name in the business person field with your novel vision? Will you change the world? In the event if you shouted YESss to all these questions, then what are you waiting for? why don’t you registered for this show yet, and get those investments?

This is the way, here you can enroll as a business visionary on Shark Tank India and get your business going!

Assuming that you have a generally running business or a startup thought, then obviously the show is for you. With monetary help, Shark Tank India can help you to grow your dream business. Growing business visionaries from across India register for their turn, and if they get chosen, it’s one bit nearer to a deal with the sharks. You can follow these recorded steps to enlist.

How to register for Shark Tank India

  1. Download the Sony Liv application on your phone or sign in to www.sonyliv.com.
  2. Then, complete the login method. You will be approached to confirm your phone number with an OTP.
  3. On the application, tap the Shark Tank India pennant. On the off chance that you’re utilizing your program, go to sharktank.sonyliv.com gateway.
  4. Since you are in, finished the bit-by-bit enrollment process for partaking in the show.
  5. The structure comprises of a few pages, so ensure you fill every one of the obligatory fields with pertinent and refreshed data.
  6. Presently, you can transfer the report/video of your business pitch and complete the enrollment cycle.
  7. Note that for the pitch, a video size of 1GB is permitted. It is 100 MB for the remainder of the transfers.

After this, if your business idea selected the Shark Tank India team will contact you for the next round. If they liked your idea so much, you will presumably get in. In any case, you don’t select don’t worry! as you can attempt again one year from now!

Source: India Times

Small tip for your business pitch, never do “dogalapan” when preparing your pitch as Ashneer and other sharks won’t like it. 


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