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20 High DA Websites Where You can Create Free Backlinks in 2021 | Get Free High-Quality Backlinks

20 High DA Websites Where You can Create Free Backlinks in 2021 | Get Free High-Quality Backlinks

By Rupkumar Sasmal Saturday November 7, 2020


List of 20 Hight Authority (DA – 50+) Website to Create High-Quality Backlink for Your Website

SL No Website DA Score
1Elegant Themes Blog94
2Yoast SEO Blog90
9Matthew Woodward78
13Yaro Blog73
16Niche Pursuits71
20Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog56

All the above websites are 100% verified domain authority (checked on and open for commenting on their post and while commenting you can give your website URL.

Some information on backlinks

Learn more bellow

What is a backlink?

The backlink is nothing but a regular link but has some technical values. When a website (website 1) has a different website’s URL (website 2) embedded in their posts, pages, or even on the product page that embedded link is called a backlink for the second website (website 2).

So in simple words, a backlink is a link created when one website links to another. This type of link also called “inbound links” or “incoming links.”

Suppose I write an article on this website ( about free QR code generator. In the article, I mention a 3rd party website like “QR Code Generator India” with a hyperlink to that website. So, whoever reads that article and clicks on that link, they can directly visit the QR Code generator website.

Here QR Code Generator India website gets a backlink from

Search engine optimization or SEO can directly and heavily be manipulated by creating high-quality backlinks to your website. See, the simple trick is to get referrals or creating a good online impression for your website.

In real life, if you know any reputed person or have some high-value connections, you will be definitely benefited from those connections. For example, you have a construction company and your client is confused to go with your company or a different company. Now in this situation, you said to your client that you know his brother in some way (which is actually true). Now in this case you are trying to get the client trust and with this trust, you will definitely convert his or her mind to crack the deal.

In SEO, the same ‘trust’ trick is used to create good impression among all the search engines like Google. Here we make good connections through backlinks.

For example, If you write a blog on your website with the title of “How to write a perfect blog“. Now a very reputed website like “” has a different blog but relatable content and anywhere in his blog mention your blog post URL. So you get a backlink from that high authority website. The interesting part is when google check Neil Patel’s blog and find your website link, Google will understand that your website also a good website because, Niel Patel is suggesting you. So in this way, Google will increase your website search rank in a better position.

But it’s not so easy on SEO like this. First of all, creating a high-quality backlink from a high authority website is too hard, and here is another 2 terms are involved in this backlink creation process. One is Do-follow and another is No-follow.

Do-follow – In a simple way this means the backlink provider is said to google that they are directly suggested the second website and google can check it. This is the most trust-worthy backlinks.

No-follow – Similarly this means the backlink provider does not suggest the second website. In this case, Google will check the second website but not taking this link as trusted as the previous one.

As you know creating high-quality backlinks is not easy, so here in this blog, I will provide you guaranteed high authority website where you can comment with your website URL and can easily get a high-quality backlink for your website.


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